The Smartest Fall Renovations to Make if You’re Planning to Sell Your Home



There are a lot of fall renovation tips centered on bring cozy warmth into the home. In fact, we just took a look at some hot trends last week. This week, we’re looking at renovations you can make with equity building in mind, courtesy of Scott McGillivray from HGTV’s Income Property and Moving the McGillivrays.

While some trends carryover, there is some great info here for those who are looking to make some updates to enjoy now, while being able to reap the potential future financial benefits.

Matte appliances

These are a “hot trend of the moment,” said McGillivray. And while he says that he likes how they “lend a luxurious look to the kitchen, and how they look great when paired with neutral-colored cabinets,” he still thinks stainless steel is your best bet if you’re looking to sell anytime soon. It’s the “best choice for a long-term return on investment,” he said. While these matte finishes are great of-the-moment looks, I expect they’ll look dated a few years down the road.”APPLIANCES WITH MATTE FINISH

Quartz counters in warm colors

We may be moving away from all that white or counters that look like Carrara marble (only easier to care for). While quartz isn’t going anywhere, McGillivray is seeing a trend toward warmer shades.QUARTZ WARM COUNTERTOPS “Countertops that look like marble will always be in demand because they’re classic, but the tide is slowly turning,” he said. “We are seeing a trend where quartz counters in warm neutrals are in high demand. I think people are trying to get away from sterile looks and really make kitchens homey again.”



Light floors

“Along with the light and airy trend comes a desire for lighter floors,” he said. “Dark walnut and cherry finishes are out, and lighter, blonder woods are in. Similar to kitchen counters, I think the trend will be toward warmer colors rather than cooler colors. But light is definitely the way to go trend-wise.”

Hands-free technology

Smart homes aren’t the way of the future. They’re here, now, and the smarter the home, the more attractive it may be to buyers. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY “This may seem like old news to the early adopters, but more and more people are starting to embrace hands-free and SMART technology,” he said. “This means that anything in your home that you can command with your voice is going to be super popular.”



Less Serious (and More Fun) Spaces

It’s time to go a little wild with your home—but within reason. “I predict that people are going to stop taking their homes too seriously and have a little bit more fun,” he said. “This means more colors, more patterns and less concern over what’s ‘proper.’ While smart return on investment design decisions should still be made for fixed items in your home, let’s all relax a bit and have a little fun with our furniture and décor this year.”