When does the Spring Selling Season Begin?


WHERE is my LAWN!!!

When is “Spring”

This year, if you believe everyone’s favorite omniscient rodent, spring may be coming earlier than normal, recent weather notwithstanding. We often get questions about the best month to put your home on the market.  If you are planning on selling the answer is, of course, when you are ready! But as a rule, May is a very popular month for listing a home. Listings tend to jump in April as well, but in the month of May they jump more.  Partly that is due to people taking longer to get their home ready for the market than they anticipate, and also because May seems a safe choice. It is for sure spring by May, right? OK, mostly for sure.

Be an Early BirdHome for sale

But, the early birds will have their homes ready for the market in March and April. That is when potential buyers come out of hibernation.  That means that the time to start thinking about how to get your home ready for the spring selling season is yesterday! There are many things you will want to consider. Are you upsizing, downsizing, or heading south? What should you repair, renovate, or replace? To paint, or not to paint. If you have any questions about the smart things to do to prepare your home to sell, are wondering what your home  might be worth on the market, or have any other questions we can answer, please reach out and we will be happy to share our thoughts.

Consideration or Competition

This spring selling season is likely to be a great one. Mortgage interest rates are at a one-year low, giving those who may have missed the chance to buy earlier another opportunity. So ignore the snow on the ground. Even if you don’t believe the famous groundhog (and his record is not very good) the time to begin is now. Don’t be the home entering the market when you have a lot of competition. A crowded market with more choices means that your home may get less consideration. Prepare now for a listing when your home will get all the attention!

The Evergreen Team