Should You Hire an Interior Designer?



Whether you’re moving to a new home or considering a refresh or remodel for your current one, you might be asking yourself whether or not you should hire an interior designer. A designer is someone who can create a beautiful space, but this scenario isn’t for everyone.

The following are considerations and both pros and cons that come with working with a designer.

What is Your Budget?

Budget will have to be the biggest consideration when you think about whether you should hire a designer. Designers are not cheap, particularly when they’re experienced. If you’re doing a remodeling project or moving into a new home, you have to think about the significant costs a designer can add to your overall budget.

Some designers will charge a flat fee. Others will charge by the hour.PURCHASES

Some designers will make purchases on your behalf and charge a percentage on each item they buy.

Regardless of the pricing structure, talk to some designers in your area to get a feel for the rates. You may figure out a designer isn’t even in your budget. It could force you to sacrifice in other areas of your project that you’d rather not if you hire someone.

What Services Do You Need?

Designers can do a lot of different types of work, and they may have varying areas of specialty. Services many designers offer can include design consultations, space assessment and space planning.

Designers may offer purchasing and procurement or full-scale project management if you’re doing a remodel or custom build.

Some designers won’t work with you unless you’re paying for their full services, but others will charge by the hour and work with you on an as-needed basis.

Do You Have a Distinct Style?

When you hire a designer, even if their vision is similar to your own, ultimately they’re bringing their personal style to your home. Some people like this, but if you have a style that you prefer or a vision, you might be better off doing things yourself.DESIGN STYLE

If you’re someone, on the other hand, who’s indecisive and takes a long time to figure out what you like, a designer can actually end up saving you time and money. They can become someone who guides your decisions.

Some people love to make decisions and find that it’s easy for them to do so, and if you’re that person, you could find it hard to work with a designer. On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s overwhelmed by choices, a designer can be well worth their fee.

You may find that a designer doesn’t create a space you feel reflects who you are. A good designer will work with you to learn about your family, your priorities, and how you use spaces, but still they may not capture these elements as you would.

Are You Patient?

An interior designer can help you figure out the logistics of home design that you might not otherwise think about. They do tend to take their time with projects, however. Good design can take time, and designers will often carefully select items, and they may opt for custom pieces as well. If you want to work quickly, it’s unlikely a designer will be the best choice.

You might instead pick all of your items online or from a local store so that you can bring everything together at once rather than piece by piece.

For some people, hiring a designer is absolutely the best option. It makes things easier for them and helps ensure they get a beautiful and cohesive space.

For other people, a lot of the fun of a home project or buying a new home is decorating it and personalizing the space, so you have to decide which category you fall into.