Happy KIND New Year!

Time for one more nod to the New Year before we turn the calendar to the second month of the year.

Recently, we had a transaction where the prospective buyer’s REALTOR® thanked us for being “cordial” and I thought to myself the following two things. First, that was so nice of him to take the time to make that positive comment. Most of the time we go through life at best thinking nice things and never saying them, or at worst thinking terrible things (and those are usually the ones people choose to verbalize!). Next, I thought, what kind of environment is out there in the real estate world that simply being kind or cordial to a fellow REALTOR® and his or her client is considered outstanding behavior worth commenting on!?!

kindness to petAs it turns out, cordial is not a word I use too often, so I looked it up to get a precise definition. Some synonyms include friendly, genial, affable, pleasant, amiable, warm, and KIND. This does not seem to be a very high bar. In fact, this represents my general approach to all people (including strangers), animals, and certainly anyone I might meet while engaging in business!

I know that real estate can get hectic. There are many deadlines, numerous details that you can’t always take care yourself and must rely on someone else, a variety of personalities, and competing objectives, with some high emotions and large sums of money thrown in for good measure. But one thing I do like to remind myself is this: everyone is just doing what they think is best or what is best based on their current perspective. That does not mean they are always right. But remembering that they are doing their best at that moment, whatever it might look like, can give you some perspective.

To quote a Ryan Holiday email I read recently that I liked very much:  “You just do you.” In other words, you be the very best version of yourself, and let everyone else be what they may. All you can really change is yourself. And next time someone surprises you in some delightful or positive way, maybe take the time to mention it. And have a KIND New Year!

Kristin Reynolds