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Kristin Reynolds


  • Office: 978-422-8181
  • Cell: 978-870-0059
  • Office: 235 Worcester Road,  PO Box 1137, Sterling MA

Kristin Reynolds is a veteran of the real estate industry, extensively trained in the art of message-taking as the child of a Realtor in the age before cell phones. Summer jobs at the real estate office followed, where she created mailing databases the old-fashioned way, by entering each one from the phone book!

Kristin earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics and mathematics from Bates College, and a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University. Prior to joining the real estate profession, Kristin was an economist at IHS Markit following and writing extensively on fiscal policy and the housing market. Each month she developed compelling viewpoints on newly released economic data, and was responsible for forecasting various aspects of the housing market, including residential construction, home sales and prices, and affordability.

Kristin showed an early interest in real estate, choosing her dream home at the age of seven from an Ethan Allen catalog, as well as watching her Realtor-Mom help people build, buy, and sell homes for most of her life. Her recent immersion in the economics of the housing market has brought that interest to the forefront. While most people will be participants in a just a few home-buying and selling transactions in their lives, real estate professionals literally do it every day!

Kristin is a patient listener, and her organizational skills are legendary. She possesses an extreme attention to detail that is very beneficial during the real estate process.

Kristin resides in Sterling, in a home that looks a lot like that Ethan Allen catalog. She loves gardening, Ragdoll cats, Martha’s Vineyard, and horses, and tries to remember to enjoy the present moment. She also believes that your home, whatever you dream it to be, should revitalize you so that you can go out in to the world and be the very best version of yourself!

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