5 Important Benefits of Downsizing Your Home


How would you benefit from downsizing your home?  After the children are all grown and moved out, the family home often feels excessively large and empty. If you’re in this stage of life, you may be wondering if you should downsize like so many others, or stay put. Downsizing may be the best option, depending on your lifestyle.

Here are five benefits of downsizing for you to consider.


Less ClutterDecluttering

When you move into a smaller home, you’ll have the opportunity to get rid of many possessions that you no longer need. Whether it’s sporting goods or Knick knacks, you’ll be able to either sell the items, give them away to kids and grandkids or donate them to a charitable organization. Your new home won’t have as much space, so this decluttering process is definitely mandatory.  And it will definitely make it easier to sell your present home.


Lower Utility Bills

A smaller home means lower energy usage and lower utility bills. It’s likely that you’ll have fewer lights on the rooms, less square footage to heat and cool. You may also incur less water usage, since you may have fewer bathrooms and less lawn to irrigate. So, not only will you likely have a lower mortgage payment when you downsize, it will probably also take less money to run the home.  If you move into a new home, the cost savings on the new energy designs will save even more in utilities.


Enjoying LifeMore Free Time

A smaller home means that it will likely take less time to maintain, too.  There is less space to clean inside and because you have already decluttered your possessions, cleaning will feel like a breeze.  A smaller house and perhaps a smaller yard will make it easier and quicker to maintain the exterior of the home and grounds.  This equates to much more time for you to do the things that you want to do instead of the things that you have to do.  More free time means more time to read, ride bikes, hike, beach time, entertain, take up Yoga or Tai Chi.  You will have more “me time.”

Easier To Get Around

Downsizing usually makes it easier to get around the home. Many people who downsize opt for a single-floor home rather than a two-story home, so they can avoid having stairs in the home. Living on one floor is often easier as people age and climbing stairs becomes more cumbersome.


More Sustainable LivingSingle Level Living

A smaller home means a smaller carbon footprint. For people who are earth-conscious, a smaller home affords the chance to play their part in helping by living a more environmentally sustainable life.

Remember, downsizing doesn’t mean living with less. For many people who have already downsized, the process has infused their life with more opportunities to live a fuller existence by getting rid of space and possessions they didn’t really need anymore.

If you are in the market for a smaller home, be sure to contact your trusted real estate professional.